Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ahhh The Joys Of Parenting

Do you know the saying "This is why we cant have nice things"?

I have heard it a couple times in movies but nobody really uses it in there daily life!

Well until now.......

I definitely use this in my life...I would not say daily or anything like that but occasionally I will say it

For example:

For Easter I went to Kmart and bought a couple pairs of shoes. I bought some cute summer heels to wear with my Easter dress then a pair of all white flats to wear to work or casually when I go out and about.

Well Alyssa was playing with my flats she would put them on and walk around the house just messing with them which is totally fine dont get me wrong I let her play with pretty much everything!

But I literally just bought these shoes Saturday and this was Monday afternoon!

So all of a sudden she comes up to me with my shoes in her hands and says MOM! MOM! MOM!

I reply with What Lyssa? I look down and she gives me my shoes and I notice something running down the side of them. I grab the shoes and then instantly I see IT.....

UGH!! WHY!!!!!

Alyssa straight up threw up in my BRAND NEW SHOES!!!!! Are you serious?!?!

Ohh my gosh Im so sad about this! I instantly grab a baby wipe and try to clean my shoes....literally I only wore them one time!

Why these shoes? Why not my old worn out black flats? Ugh How sad is this right now?!?

But going back to what I said earlier....."This is why we cant have nice things"

Parents, things are going to happen, our children are going to rip paper, pictures, books, magazines, game pieces will come up missing, milk will be spilled on the floor and food will be smashed into our carpet!

I guess with children things are going to happen its inevitable....but we just deal with it as parents!

Really I probably overreacted alittle about the shoes. I mean dont get me wrong Im still a little heart broken lol but all of these things are definitely worth seeing Alyssas smiling face everyday...FOR SURE!!!

I guess after everything is said and done we can have nice things but of course thats.....

after we clean them!!

Do you cry over spilled milk??

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