Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was so awesome!!! Apart from my religious beliefs I love the colorful and happy feeling of Easter!

I bought Alyssa this really cute Easter dress its white with multi colored polka dots all over it with a pink ribbon across the top. It was a little big but I tied it tight in the back so you couldn't really tell!

I wore a cute dress as well the bottom half was jean material and the top was yellow and blue floral then I had a brown stretchy belt across the top! Super cute!

Alyssa got to color eggs for the first time and she LOVED it! So did I!

I dont really remember coloring eggs as a child. We probably did but I'm not sure! The only thing I really remember is every year for Easter my parents would take my sister and I to the store and buy us an Easter dresses! It was so exciting!! An of course doing an Easter egg hunt!

Even though Alyssa was so little last year we still did the Easter dress and the Easter egg hunt it just feels like tradition to me!

What does your family do to celebrate easter?

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