Monday, April 2, 2012

Single Mom at 23

I just have to write about this.......

I gave birth to my daughter 2 weeks after I turned 22 and ever since then its been this amazing struggle that I enjoy soo much!!

But I will have to say the hardest part of all of this is being single!! My heart sinks everytime I am walking down the lanes at a store and people just stare.

Its so rude its like they are judging me just because Im pushing a cart with a baby inside. What if I was married? What if I was babysitting?

You dont know me!!

I feel like screaming everytime that happens!!

The second hardest is when your with your guy friends and clearing your friend is "Gay" but yet they still want to stop and talk to your child and make comments about how beautiful our "family" is!! Really??

I just wish that I could walk through a store and NOT have people eyebalilng me and my daughter!!

Its for that very reason that I am a single mom at 23.....

Guys dont look at me they look at Alyssa! That is heartbreaking for me! Why cant I be accepted as a single mother without guys instantly thinking I have baby daddy drama or live off of food stamps and welfare!!

Cant people look at me and see a strong, independant woman and then look down at Alyssa and just fall in love with her big blue eyes!!

Why must everybody judge from the first look?

Its not only frusterating but unfortunately our reality as single mothers!!

Does this happen to you guys too OR am I really going crazy!?!?!

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