Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ugh...Just one of those days!

So....I would normally say that Alyssa (my daughter) is pretty well behaved but it seems like when she gets around other children she acts crazy! I say that she is rotten because of her sassy attitude and personality but overall shes a pretty good kid!

When I complain about her throwing a fit inside Walmart or not listening my friends & family put me back in my place...Alyssa is only 21mths.... for her age everybody says shes great but at times I dont believe it!!

For instance....I have been trying to patch up some friendships that I have so I met up with my friend Shawna at Panera Bread.
Alyssa would NOT eat! I know that she was hungry because she just woke up from her nap and we ALWAYS eat lunch when she wakes up but for some reason she just would not eat!

Instead...she wanted to drink all of her milk at one time and get full on that then not eat her real food!

I will give her the benefit of the doubt this one time because she hasnt seen Shawna's daughter Hope in a very long time so she was distracted but that doesn't mean she doesnt have to listen!

Alyssa started taking her shoes off...biting the couch we were sitting just being very loud! I mean it was kinda embarrasing!

This woman behind us was working on her laptop! Well let me rephrase that she was TRYING to work on her laptop!

At one point.....Alyssa was drinking her milk and I said it was enough so I tried to take her milk away and place it back on the table and thats when it happened......

Alyssa jerked her arms in hopes that I wouldn't take her milk but by doing that she squeezed the milk container next thing you know there was a fountain of MILK in the AIR!! embarrssing I was so upset I grabbed the milk from Alyssa and smacked her thigh like 3 or 4 times she started crying REAL TEARS!!! She was screaming and crying it was soo awful!

It got so bad that a guy that was sitting close to us TRYING to read his book got up and left!

Total embarrassment!!!!

I just waited for Shawna to get back from the bathroom and just said Ready to go? I got up and left so embarassed and ashamed I felt so small! I can honestly say I am not going back to that Panera Bread. Maybe Panera just isn't a place for kids!!

Please tell me this has happened to some of you mothers....did you keep your cool or lose it like I did???

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