Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

So as you guys know I have been babysitting my friend G's children while her and her boyfriend are out of town!

So here in OHIO it rained ALL DAY on Saturday!

I babysat all day Saturday and we literally spent 90% of our day just laying around the house either watching T.V., playing video games, or running around the house being crazy!

So I finally was like OK kids what are we going to do today!

Honestly it is quite exhausting laying around the house all day!

So we decided to go to Galaxy Games & Golf! It was a lot of fun seeing them run around and burn off some energy!

Alyssa loved it! They had a little preschool section and then they had a big kid section! Also its pretty cheap I think!

Here is a picture of Alyssa trying to climb up to the big kid section!!

It was so crowded that I was so worried about the big kids getting frusterated that Alyssa was so slow but really everybody seemed very nice it was also good that my friends children were so good at keeping her with them at ALL times!!

My friends kids are pretty AWESOME!!

After we got home we had a little ice cream for a bedtime snack!

That was soo good!!

After that it was showers and then bedtime!!

It was pretty amazing that I told the kids it was showertime then I went upstairs and layed down with Alyssa to get her to sleep and they just got in the shower by themselves!

I think the first thing Im going to be happy about as Alyssa gets older is her becoming independant and taking care of herself!!

Although it will be extremely sad at the same time knowing she won't need my help all the time!!!

That was just such a great day!! At the end of the day I was so happy!!

The first night of babysitting couldn't have gone any smoother!!

Well....I still need some ideas for the rest of this week I will resume babysitting Wednesday!!

Any suggestions on activties or dinner ideas???


  1. A trip to the local park, or sweatshirts/kroger bags and a treasure hunt in the local metro park woods (my kids love that!), make scented play-doh, go to Chik-Fil-A and play after lunch, Redbox movie and popcorn while camping on the floor, make serious blanket tents.

    And don't forget to check Pinterest for ideas!!

  2. Awesome ideas thank you soo much!!