Monday, July 16, 2012

Alyssas Birthday!!

Hey Guys!!
So I am not sure if you guys know this or not but my daughter Alyssa is 2 TODAY!!

I am super excited!! I have lasted 2 years!! I know within these 2 years I have failed Alyssa many many many times but I also know that within these 2 years I have gave Alyssa NOTHING but love and support!!

I am honestly her only parent!! If she didnt have me......well I dont even really want to talk about that!! Point is she does have me and I wouldn't want it ANY OTHER WAY!!!

I love this baby more than anything and everything in this world! I would do anything and everything for this girl!!
I am 24 years old! I had to grow up fast! I was pregnant at 21 years of age living on my own.....I ended up moving back in with my mother and Im still here!! If it wasnt for my surrounding friends & family I would be nothing!!!

I am a great mom and I owe it all to you guys!!

On days where I wanted to just runaway you all talked me into staying!!

On days where I hid in my bedroom and cried for hours you all told me "This is completely normal" which made me feel good!

I have been through soo many ups and downs and a lot of bumps along this road but HEY I have made it this far theres NO turning back from here!! Nothing but GOOD things coming OUR way Alyssa!!!

Point is...I love being a mom!!

I just cant believe how wimpy and emotional I get everytime I look at Alyssa!!

KIDS......Stop growing up soo fast my eyes cant take it!!!


You are amazing!! How did I get so lucky to have a baby as awesome as YOU!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

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