Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hampton Inn & Suites- Lebanon, TN

Hey Guys!

I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites- Lebanon, TN and just wanted to write a post ALL about my stay!! It was pretty awesome!!

So you guys may or may not know but I work at a Hilton Hotel! I am the Night Auditor at the Embassy Suites so what that means exactly is I work the Front Desk at Night 3rd shift 11pm-7am

I also handle a lot of reports I close out our day and then start the new one! I also answer phones, make reservations, and check people In/Out of the hotel! Its a little more than just "standing at the desk!"

Anyways...because I work for Hilton I get an amazing employee discount on any Hilton brand hotel pretty much worldwide!! While I was visiting family in TN I stayed at this hotel and I had a really good time so I just wanted to write a post about it!!

First I want to talk about the Check-In Process!
I was not able to check-in until late at night like after Midnight but the front desk agent was so kind and very friendly!! She was able to check me in with no issues what so ever and she even allowed me to pay cash for my room!! So much easier than using a credit/debit card!!

Second The Hotel!
Let me just tell you on the Hilton Chain the Hampton Inns and the Hampton Inn & Suites are pretty basic hotels! They have basic rooms, basic breakfast, its just a very simple and small hotel! But this hotel must have just remodeled it was so fresh, new, stylish, just modern looking!!

My hotel the Embassy Suites we just remodeled and let me just tell you this Hampton Inn & Suites looks better than our Embassy!! That never happens!!
This is the Dining Area where guests can eat breakfast!

Honestly some of you are probably looking at this saying Andrea its a Dining Area big deal!

But its so pretty!! The chairs are super soft and comfortable! It just has this very modern and "good feeling" vibe to it!

Honestly the entire time I was here I had that feeling its like the minute I walked in the hotel I just felt good!
Third The Room!

For me to gain access to my room ALL I had to do was wave my Key Card in front of this magnetic thing on the door!! I didnt even have to take it out of the envelope!!

HELLO!! That has convenience written all over it!!!

My hotel just remodeled the Rooms & Lobby in Januray 2012 and WE dont even have this!!

I LOVE this!! While I have 3 bags on one arm and my sleeping toddler in the other I simply waved my card in fornt of the door and click UNLOCKED!!

Honestly the BEST feature for a hotel to have in my opinion!!
Fourth The Breakfast!

I LOVE my food!! Especially breakfast because it seems like thats the ONLY meal my growing toddler will eat!

This breakfast was honestly nothing special! They had 3 entree choices like Egg, Meat, Potato. One day they had Biscuits & Gravy!! MY FAV! Then they had fresh fruit, cereal, bagels, bread, muffins, oatmeal! Just like a standard Buffet style breakfast!! Its FREE!! Cant complain!

But Im telling you this breakfast was sooo yummy!! The first day I had biscuits & gravy, sausage,  breakfast potatos and wheat toast! I pigged out!! I just didnt expect the food to taste THAT good!!

The second day I had a cheese omelet, potatoes, smoked sausage and wheat toast!! I am not lying when I say I could've ate the entire pan of smoked sausage lol It was soo delicious!!
Alyssa ate very very good! She had toast and biscuits & gravy the first day and a muffin with oatmeal the second day! She loved it as well!!

They even had a BIG bowl of fresh fruit for guests to take with them!

I forgot to mention....

They had Grab Bags
(which is very popular with Hamptns!)

If breakfast is not set up yet and you have to leave you can grab a bag from the desk and it has some fruit and stuff in it so your still able to eat something for breakfast!! Awesome!!

I also got to enjoy the outdoor pool while I was there which was really good as well the water was so warm!!

It just felt so good to be able to relax in such a nice environment!!

Some of you might be thinking that I am a little bit over exaggerating about this hotel but honestly Ive stayed in a lot of Hilton Hotels and this one was my favorite!!

Kudos to you Hampton Inn & Suites- Lebanon!!!

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