Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Birthday!!

 I mentioned in a previous post that my birthday is July 4th!!!

Yepp! Yepp! Its true!  I turned the BIG 24!!!

I honestly dont feel any different!! Im just turning older not actually becoming older  hehehehe!

So I was in TN for my birthday and it was AWESOME!!!

My Sister-In-Law Michaell and my Niece Taylor suprised me with a birthday cake!! It was yummy!!!
This cake was so good it was yellow cake ( which is my favorite ) Im kinda a plain Jane!! The icing was not too sweet but sweet enough Perfect!!!

**Nothing better than a piece of cake and a glass of milk!!
I also got these AMAZING new sunglasses!! I am kind of a sunglassaholic!!! If there is such a thing! The middle is a real pretty turqoiuse blue and then it fades out to an orangeish and they have glitter stripes across them super stylin!!!

I also got this adorable turqoiuse blue dress but I honestly dont have any pictures!! But it is like a tube top it has no straps or anything and its ruffly at the top its lacey as well and it stops at my mid thigh then slants down to my lower leg!!

Sooo gorgeous!!

Dont worry you will get to see it because Im wearing it for Alyssas birthday party this saturday!!

This birthday was so special!! I loved every minute of it!! Thank you EVERYBODY!!

What is your best birthday memory??!??

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