Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Birthday Party!!!

Hey Yall!!

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!!

I always find the coolest DIY Crafts...Awesome Party Decoration Ideas.....or even just hair styles and make-up ideas!
Its like a Gi-normous Wish List for me....all the things I want to do for myselfmy daughter and my home!! are a couple samples of party decorations I made for my daughter Alyssas 2nd Birthday!!

1.) Here is a wreath that I made out of TuTu material.....It does NOT look exactly like the one I saw but this is my version!!

I bought a styrofoam circle wreath from Michaels and the fabric from Walmart
I cute all the fabric into little strips and then just tied all the TuTu material around the wreath color by color
I bought the A from Michaels as well spray painted it Pink and then sprayed Glitter Hairspray on it then tied it around the wreath (at the length desired) with TuTu material as well!

Obviously the A is for "Alyssa"  :)

This was placed on the front door so people could admire it upon arrival!!
Here is a Serving Platter that I made....

I went to the Thrift Store and bought small dinner plates and martini/margarita glasses
I used a Hot Glue Gun to glue them together then allowed them to sit and dry once stuck together I just used spray paint and painted them!!
I have 1 big one (as seen in the picture) painted Turqiouse and another painted Pink then I made 2 smaller ones using smaller glasses and painted the same colors.
Here is a picture of the Cake Table as shown you can see the cake (I just bought from a local store) On both sides of the cake are the platters (shown above)

So I had a big one then a small one on both sides alternating the colors

I bought some cookies (2 dozen) and had 6 cookies placed on each plate on a doily.
Here is an upsclose picture of the "bunch" that was hanging above the cake table!!

My cousin and I made PomPoms out of tissue paper and then I had these paper lanterns from her party last year that I used.

I tied ribbin to each lantern and pompom then bunched them up at different lenths once placed on the wall I hung streamer from behind the bunch and let it fall down and hang off table (as seen in picture above)

So......what do you think? How does it look?

I really enjoyed making and putting all these decorations together! It made for a very special day!!!
Check out my next Blog Entry to see how I put together the "Goodie Buckets"

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