Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey Guys!!

So like 3 days after I came back from KY I left to go to TN!! I love traveling especially when its to see my  friends and family!!

Alyssas fathers sister Michaell and her daughter Taylor live in TN....Ever since the day we met Michaell has considered me her Sister-In-Law even though me and her brother are not together anymore she still thinks of me as part of the family! How awesome is that!!

So we drove 6 hours to TN ugh what a drive....longest drive ever with a toddler!!

Honestly it really wasnt even that bad...Alyssa slept the first 3 hours then we found out that the half way point was actually my SISTERS house so we ate dinner there and then got back on the road!!

Then about an hour away from our destination Alyssa fell asleep! So really she was barely awake the whole trip lol I dont have pics of the car ride SORRY!

So my birthday is July 4th we were in TN July 3-5 a short trip but definitely worth every minute of it!!

Here is a picture of Alyssa wearing her "I Love The 4th" Shirt and jumping on the bed at the hotel!!
***Which by the way this hotel was so awesome I have decided to have 1 solid post about it to give it its full amount of credit!!! Stay Tuned!!
While we were in TN we literally went swimming everyday!! I loved it Alyssa & I both got little sun burns that turned to little tans!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Of Course I put sunblock on!! I think the weather was 111 degrees with heat index we were smoking hot!!

Awww In this picture Alyssa was plugging her little nose and sticking her face under water!! She was mimicking her cousin Mikey!! lol Super cute!!

This picture is of Alyssa eating her first ( I think! ) Italian Ice!! While we were in TN there was a festival and then at 9pm they set off fireworks and it was FREE!!! So we got to hang out there and then watch fireworks after the festival!!

This trip was amazing!! I cant thank Michaell & Taylor enough for how awesome they were to us!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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