Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Love N' Nature Collection from Circo

Hey Guys!!

Sorry it has been awhile I have been a little busy!! I wanted to introduce this awesome collection from Circo..... The Love N' Nature Collection

FYI....I am not sponsoring them and they are not sponsoring me I am in NO way shape or form getting paid for this Blog Post!!

I am addicted to Target and go there more often than I should!!

I saw this collection and just fell in LOVE with it!! So let me take you back a little bit.....

When I was pregnant with my daughter Alyssa I started decorating for her nursery and getting everything organized but then the weather just kept getting hotter and hotter and we did not have central air

We ended up buying a window air conditionor from our neighbor but it was too small for every single window in the house except Alyssa's nursery window!!

So we decided to throw our mattress in her bedroom and stay in her room so we could keep cool at night which really was great because after she was born we were both right there for when she woke up at night!

But then there was some drama and Alyssa and I left and so the point for me is... I never really got to finish Alyssa's nursery!! I really never got to "make" a little room for my baby!

So now that she is 2 years old   Im getting into the whole decorating thing and trying to find something cute to decorate her room in!! Right now we share a room but we are planning on moving around Octoberish So I was window shopping at Target and saw this cute Owl painting and I thought to myself OMG! How Cute Is That!! It would be so adorable in Alyssa's bedroom then as I looked around more and more I found out it was part of this whole Love N' Nature Collection!

So little by little I have been buying parts of the collection so when we move out and I have my own room Oooops I mean Alyssa has her own room!! lol She will have a whole bedroom set!

So I guess this is me slowly but surely decorating or making a room for Alyssa!! So far Alyssa has.......Decorative Pillow, Toy Box, Clock, Fabric Tote, and the Toddler Bed Set

I still would like to get the..... Lamp, Night Light, Wall Decor, Painting and Window Curtains

Here are a couple pictures of everything Alyssa has so far!!

FYI   I bought the Shelving from Target as well but it is not a part of the collection...

Owl Decorative Pillow

Owl Fabric Tote

You can see part of her Toy Box in the bottom left of this picture!

This is my B-E-A-utiful babygirl Alyssa so excited and happy to be in her new Toddler Bed with her Owl Bed Set!!

So......What do you think?!?!?

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