Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

I did it!!!!!!
I participated in my first 5K Race and boy was it FUN!!! I was in the Color Me Rad 5K!!

My Mom, Alyssa and myself participated in this colorful and exciting 5K Sunday the 19th

I have never done a 5K before and honestly I dont think Ive ever particiapted in ANY kind of race before!!! I have always wanted to but never got the courage to actually do it...

My Want List is very very long but My To Do List or My Checked Off List are very very short!!

I always want to do all of these things but I never want to do them alone and some of my friends show interest but then never really do it either!!

But......I do not just want to do things I want to actually do them!!

You only have one life to live why stand by and watch everybody else when you could be joining them??

I am now taking charge of my life!!!!

So Day 1 of my transformation.......5K Race

First Step- Registration

I really wanted to do this race because it looked really fun!! So I begged my mom to do it with me and she said YES!!!

So we paid our Fees and got registered!!!

It was a very tough decision because the race was on a Sunday and we did not want it to interfere with church but it was early enough where we could participate and still have time to shower and go to church!!!
Second Step- Actually Doing It

My mom & I slept horrible!! We were both nervous that we were going to over sleep and miss the race!!

We had to wake up at 6am to get ready and then make the drive and we had to be there 45min. early

But we did  it!!! It was tough waking up that early to do a 5K but we both forced ourselves to do it plus I did not pay the fees for nothing!! :)

Third Step- WE DID IT!!!!

Me, Alyssa, and My Mom

Me & Alyssa


This was the most fun I have had in awhile!!

Honestly I pushed Alyssa in the stroller and my mom walked beside me it was very nice!! We walked most of it but ran/jogged in some spots!! The color made it super fun!! People were dressed up in costumes and guys were wearing wigs I mean the entire time was just awesome!!

This was my first 5K but it will definitely not be my last!!


  1. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun!

    1. Amanda thank you so much for checking out my blog!! This race was a lot of fun I would encourage everybody to participate in atleast one in there lifetime!! :)