Monday, August 20, 2012

Girls Night!!!

Friday the 17th my last night in Kentucky I decided to do something special......Michael took his "Big Man" to a football game so all of us girls were home alone!!

We ordered pizza......watched a movie and had a Spa night!!

I bought these "Peel Off Masque" packets for us girls!!

So Me, Alyssa, Ashley and "Big Girl" all put these Masques on our faces before the movie started and sat there and watched the movie while they dried!!

It was so much fun!!

It was so wierd because as the Masque dried it made our faces feel super tight! So as we were talking the Masque would crack and start peeling!! It was so funny!!

Alyssa didnt really know what to think at first!! Her facial expressions were just priceless!!

The Face Masque we all put on was this "Green Tea Masque" that is suppose to detox & moisturize your skin while clensing your pores!!!

I know fancy stuff huh?!? :) It was such a blast!!

Here is a picture of Ashley & I......Boy do we look like creepy!!!

The packaging shows an actual "Green Masque" but it really was this clear gel that you rub on your face and it dries pretty much clear with a little green tint!!

We look like Wax people!! lol Ehh this picture is weird!!

This visit was such a blast!!! But for future Spa Dates.....

Anybody know where I can buy the actual green masques??????

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