Monday, August 20, 2012


I made it!!!!!
I have been trying to get to Kentucky to visit my sister Ashley for like 2 days!!
But finally Im here!!!

Let me back up a bit.......

Friday the 11th- Alyssa had a fever 101.3 then she literally had a fever everyday after that over 100 degrees F     

*This is the reason for my recent post "Why Is Parenting So Hard" This same fever is why I had to cancel my plans for Friday & Saturday!!

Monday the 14th- (Day 4 of fever) I took Alyssa to the Dr. and she was not even concerned that Alyssa has had a fever over 100 for 4 days!! She said just keep giving her Tylenol and it should get better...She thinks it is Alyssa's 2yr molars coming in! Which now I do agree with her :)

I had made arrangements to go to Kentucky Tuesday to visit with my sister Ashley & her family for the whole week!!

But with Alyssa running this fever Ashley & her husband Michael did not want us coming down and possibly getting there children sick! Which is completely understandable!

So my plans of leaving Tuesday were cancelled :(

But I was able to go Wednesday!!!!

I was able to stay Wednesday the 15th thru Saturday the 18th!!!

It was awesome!! I got to hang out with Ashley & Michael and spend time with my nieces & nephews before they start school!!

I LOVE spending time in Kentucky with Ashley!! I only have this one sister and we are so close in age I just love spending time with her!!! She can relate to what worries or stresses me out and she always knows what to say!!!

I just love my family so much!! I am truly blessed!!!!

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