Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Job = New Oppurtunity

I have been in the Hospitality Industry for a very long time it all started when I was in High School I only went for 2 years then transferred out to a Vocational School where I studied "Travel & Tourism" so since I was 16 I have been learning about this industry everything from AAA bookings to Concierge Services at hotels!

My very first job was at Hometown Buffet....I started off as a Cashier and later started Hosting and then became a Server now as we all know Hometown Buffet is a "Buffet" so there so called "Server" position was really like a busser we would get drinks for customers but other than that we just cleared off empty plates and dishes and once the customers left clean the table.....now we did get paid as a server plus tips but its no where near a Waitress/Server job at like Applebees or Olive Garden.

From there I worked at Doctors Hospital in the Kitchen and I literally did EVERYTHING I cooked I cleaned I was a Cashier I did Room Service I put trays together I even helped setup a couple Meetings here and there!!

Then in 2007 I started in Hotels and Ive been working in hotels ever since!! I have ONLY worked at Hilton Hotels!!

I pretty much can do anything at the Front Desk and a lot in the Kitchen I served in different hotels Breakfast & Dinner and helped out during Happy Hour (a little bartending) when needed!

So as you can see my Hospitality Experience is "Jack Of All Trades Master Of None" lol

So originally I applied as a Server in the Sports Venue at the new Hollywood Casino opening up in October but during my interview the manager said he didnt think I had enough experience Serving wise to be a Server there because it was going to be very fast paced and he thought it might overwhelm me!
       Which I totally got!! I had been thinking that very same thing and actually told my mom I didnt even want to go to the interview anymore!

But then he started talking about my experience in Meetings/Catering and he actually offered me a position in that department! He said in hotels its more of a business setting with meetings and casual lunches and thats as far as my serving experience went (which I agreed) So I gladly accepted the position!!

Im super excited because its full time and currently I only work 3 days a week part time 24 hours/week but I make decent money!

I will be making the same amount in Catering but when we dont have meetings or banquets to setup he wanted to crosstrain me into being a Cashier or Buffet Attendant (which Ive done before!!) That position makes a little less but overall Im super excited about the change in atmosphere!!

I drive 25min. to work currently but the Casino is only about 10-15min. away so Im saving a little on gas not that much as I am working more but in my head it all balances out!!

I am hoping that by taking this new position it will help me to learn more about the Hospitality Industry in that type of setting and hopefully I will be able to move up and stay at this company for a very long time!!

My Life Goal is to have a CAREER (not just a job) by the time Im 30!

I am trying really hard to accomplish this goal so hopefully I am making the right choice!!

But only time will tell right?

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