Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picky Toddler

I dont know if this is normal or not but Alyssa barely eats!!

I am not even kidding her food list is as follows......

Breakfast.....Her best meal!!!
Breakfast bars

Pretty much breakfast she eats anything breakfast wise!

Animal Crackers
1 Single Hotdog.....On a good day!!
Maybe 1-2 Chicken Nuggets....On an amazing day!!

Is hopeless!!!!
Maybe 1-2 Chicken Nuggets
Maybe half a slice of cheese pizza
Possibly a Corndog
Possibly 2 Fish Sticks

She drinks water & milk throughout the day but Ive tried not giving her milk or water unless its with mealtime which she normally downs the entire cup and then in my opinion is too full to eat!!

She is 2 years old I feel like she should be eating like 1/3 the serving of an Adult???

Veggies hahahahahahahahaha Yea Right!!!
She wont even eat mashed potatoes!!!

She was an amazing eater when she was a baby!! Always drank her formula and rice cereal then when time baby food!!

She ate EVERY kind of baby food except "Squash" she would eat baby food like no tomorrow and honestly Ive had problems with her eating since she turned 1 and I started feeding her normal food!!

Honestly.......She has weighed 26lbs. for A YEAR!!!!

I have spoken to her Drs and they say the same thing everytime.....
"She will eat when she is hungry"

What kind of answer is that??!??

Help Please!!! How can I get Alyssa to eat a stable and healthy amount of food daily?? Do you think this is normal?? Should I be concerned??

Ahhhhhhhhh!! What do I do??


  1. Hi Alyssa,

    I found your blog through the Wells fb page and wanted to encourage you that this is completely normal in my experience. And also from what I've read and experienced supper is the worst for getting them to eat. I am currently on my second two yr old and while she was a great eater to begin with but now is very picky and often doesn't eat very much at all. My son is now 4 and eating much better. I would just encourage you to keep offering fruits and veggies, she may surprise you and all of the sudden just start eating them again (and possibly ask for more!) Encourage her to try at least one or two bites of whatever you serve her and then don't sweat it, the doctors are right she will eat again when she is hungry or before her next growth spurt. Maybe try giving her a snack of protein (like yogurt or cheese) before bed if you are concerned about her getting enough calories. My kids always seemed to enjoy that. -Andrea

    1. Andrea! Thank you so much for the awesome advice & for visiting my Blog!! Alyssa is my first child so I may just be paranoid lol It just worries me some days I feel like she hasn't even eaten one meal let alone three lol but I try and just give her some space sometimes she will watch something on T.V. an when they eat she goes "Mommy Eat Me" lol then I will give her something but hopefully this is just a phase and she will out grow it soon! I hope!! Thanks again!