Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Ohio State Fair 2012

I am super excited about this post because its about my trip to The Ohio State Fair!!
My mom Julia, Alyssa and myself all went together....Can you say Family Retreat!!
It was really fun!!
This was Alyssa's first time at the fair and she loved it!!
 First we went and visited the Sheep...Alyssa was really excited about see live animals other than cats and dogs!!
Heres one that was just hanging out.....They were so cool to look at some big but some small!! Also some of the guys were shaving there sheep so we got to see that too! It was pretty cool!
Second Alyssa & I went on the Carousel at first she liked it because of all the horses but then when it started spinning she started to cry!! But she stayed on her horse the entire time!! My BIG Girl!!
Third Alyssa rode on these Boats that just went around like the carousel but they had horns that you could blow!! It was super cute! She loved it!! She had soo much fun!!
Fourth Alyssa rode these Alligators that were actually floating on water!! She wanted to stick her hand in the water but I wouldn't let her the woman that was in charge of this ride but very strict about children keeping their hands in the gator!! But she giggled so much I was suprised that she enjoyed it this much!! I of course loved seeing her ride the rides but it was just her so I didnt think she would actually enjoy it as much!! But she did!!
We had such a great time at The Ohio State Fair!! It was such a great experience!! The best thing is to look over and see Alyssa smiling that's when I know Im doing a good job!!

What has been the best experience that you've had with your children so far this summer?

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