Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is time to get serious about this!!!!! WeightLoss!!
I am very very very bad when it comes to Goals I honestly hate setting goals because if I dont make it I get really sad and discouraged! Some would say I need to rethink my goals and make them more realistic that way its easier to make that goal! I dont know to me that would seem kinda pointless if I dont have to work hard to get it why do it? I dont know what it is!!

Maybe Im lazy? Maybe I dont want this as much as I thought I did?

Well this time I am hitting this Goal with full force!!!

I am going to loose this weight!!   I will NOT be taking NO as an answer!!

Some would look at me and say Yea Andrea your the biggest Ive ever seen you!!
       -To those friends thanks for your honesty but next time please LIE!!   :)
Some would look at me and say Andrea you look fine I dont think your fat at all!
       -To those friends I am not blind I do look in the mirror but thank you!!   :)

I know Im a little bit hefty and thats fine I guess my thing is I just want to Tone Up and Tighten....I want to have muscles not flab!!

So I am walking/jogging/running a 5k August 19th with my mom and my daughter Alyssa!!

It seems pretty AWESOME I mean look........

Throughout the race they have these "Color Stations" where people spray you with colored cornstartch so you start out in all white but by the end of the race your like a Rainbow!!


An its for a good cause.......

A portion of all proceeds goes toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training of Central Ohio.

"Together we train to beat cancer" 

How great is that!?! I get to     
1.) Excercise     
2.) Get Colored    
3.) Help a good cause

Can you say WINNING!!   :)

I am super pumped and guess what!!!!

There is still time to sign up if you want!! My team (My mom, Alyssa, and myself) we are called "The Walking Women"    you can join us or make your own just go to

Just sayin!! It'll be fun!!!

If your not interested no worries just keep a heads up because I will post before and after pictures on my blog and facebook!!!

Also you can now join me on Twitter!!!   AndieOnTweet

I would encourage everybody to work towards your goals!!!

Its an awesome feeling being able to say that you made your goal!!

Im working hard to be able to say that!!!!

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