Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days To A Fresh Start

I saw this posting on my sister Ashley's facebook about the "31 Days Challenge" she did this last year hosted by The Nester. I thought it looked really fun! So I started talking to Ashley about this.... as we were bouncing names and topics off each other we finally settled on....

31 Days To A Fresh Start!!!

It will be a good challenge for me as I have decided to BUMP my Moving Day to November!!!!

So how fitting is this??

Starting Oct. 1st I will be blogging everyday taking these steps to a fresh start for Alyssa & I then as it concludes on Oct. 31, I will then be ready and willing to start our new journey in Louisville, KY!!!

This is so exciting and sad at the same time but something I really feel strongly for!!

Please join me in my.....31 Days To A Fresh Start!!

Day 1- The Thought
Day 2- The Decision
Day 3- The News
Day 4- The New Beginning
Day 5- The Dedication
Day 6- The Commitment
Day 7- The Willingness
Day 8- The Attitude
Day 9- The Time
Day 10- The Support
Day 11- The Power
Day 12- The Challenge
Day 13- The Change
Day 14- The Plan
Day 15- The Results
Day 16- The Belief
Day 17- The Emotion
Day 18- The Fear
Day 19- The Feeling
Day 20- The Stress
Day 21- The Wants
Day 22- The Needs
Day 23- The Mistakes
Day 24- The Pick Me Ups
Day 25- The Funks
Day 26- The Heartache
Day 27- The Breakdowns
Day 28- The Adjustment
Day 29- The Smile
Day 30- The End
Day 31- The Story


  1. Looking forward to following your journey!

  2. Hey there! Thank you so much Im excited to have you on board!!