Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Customer Service

My life while working in Customer Service!!!

This is how feel almost everyday!!

I dont think people or customers intend on being so rude and disrespectful to staff members I think it just happens!

In all reality I work the front desk of a hotel so Im going to tell you the same thing my boss is going to tell you the only difference and I mean THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is that under there name it says MANAGER!!!!

Stop treating us like we are stupid....we are in this industry because we are educated and knowledgable about what we are doing! 

I honestly believe that Customer Service is the hardest industry!!!
People can be so brutal!!

I had this guest yelling at me and I simply said Ma'am stop yelling at me and she said,
"Ohh Andrea I'm not yelling AT you...stop taking things so personal!"

Really so the fact that your standing in front of me yelling means nothing!?! You are yelling because your mad at something that is completely out of my hands and control and your taking it out on me but yet you don't want me to take it personal!! Ohh ok thank you!!

I mean seriously take a deep breath and talk to me like a normal personal and I would be more than happy to work on a solution with you but you standing here yelling at me makes me angry and less likely to go out of my way to help you!

Sorry but thats the truth right there!!

This industry is very challenging and every week I say to myself Ugh Im in the wrong industry!! ; )

But week after week I continue to come to work because secretly deep deep deep down inside somewhere I love it!!

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