Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Excitement or Anxiety?

Hey All!!

Ohh my goodness I cant believe I am really moving to Kentucky!!  I am soo excited!

I am really excited I have started going through all my miscellaneous junk thats piled up in my room trying to de clutter everything and start packing things!

But then I was like ohh my goodness I have like 1 entire month to pack I need to look for a job!!

So I updated my resume and started looking around online to see what places were hiring and then where they were and how far of a drive it would be from where I will be living!!

I am getting really excited, nervous, anxious, happy, sad ohh man I have tons of mixed emotions!! I know that this will be a  great  thing for Alyssa & I but still I am super sad to say goodbye to all my friends & family!!

But hey.....I will only be 3 hours away!! Thats a day trip!!

So I have put in...

1 Application at World Market which is kinda like Pier 1
      Not really what I was shooting for but a good oppurtunity!! 
1 Resume Sent to Hilton Seelbach Hotel
      I really want this job!! I have worked in hotels since 2008 Its what I am good at

I would take either one of these jobs if hired I will just be thankful to have a job before I go there!!

I have known "hotels" for years so it may be nice to get out of that atmosphere for a while and into something new!!! Really Im starting fresh in a new state might as well start fresh in a career as well right?!

Well wish me like in finding a job! Prayers needed!!

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