Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grandma's TOO Much

Im sure everybody experiences this type of thing with their children "Grandparents spoiling them"

I feel like its almost in their blood I have to spoil my grandchild!

I dont mind a little bit here and there but unfortunately when your living with your mother it becomes an everyday accurance!!

How do you seperate the line....the boundaries??

Your my mother but Im Alyssas mother!!

Its a very hard thing to do I say No! but Grandma says Yes!

Unfortunately that leaves me and my mother in sticky situations I feel like we fight like a normal married couple would!

Its very hard to seperate our lives when we are crammed in a 2 bedroom apartment!! Alyssa & I share 1 bedroom which is fine but that doesn't leave alot of room for us to grow!

Alyssa is 2 years old thats 2 years of clothes on top of 2 years of toys!! Thats a lot!

Its rough! I almost feel like my mother has somewhat taken control of the situation! Sometimes I honestly feel that if I moved away she would not even be hurt as long as Alyssa was with her!

That is a very hard feeling to cope with!

Here lately Alyssa has been running to my mom for everything like Im not even there!!

When my mom leaves Alyssa starts crying and runs to the door after her!

Ohh Im Sorry I was just in labor for 10hrs but its ok run to grandma!!

Alyssa is caught doing something that she should not be doing I punish her by spanking her bottom and she runs to grandma crying!

It is so frustrating.....there has to be some sort of boundary here! I am the parent!!

I am just sorta lost in all of this!!

I am so grateful for everything that my mother has taught me and helped me with!
I just wish in some cases she would let me do as I feel fit and not try to overstep me as a parent!

What can I do to kinda defuse the situation?? How do I tell her politely to "back off"? Is there even a way to politely resolve this issue?

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