Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kentucky Update

So I will be moving in 35 Days just over a month and still I am unsure about many things!! I am feeling very anxious and nervous!!

I have applied for an apartment for Alyssa & I its small just 1 bedroom but it comes with a Stackable Washer & Dryer and a Microwave......they also pay everything except for Electric.

It is in a nice community with a park/playground right in the middle of it so Alyssa & I will be able to play there very often!!

I have literally had to jump through hoops for this complex the hardest and longest application process I have ever went through!!

I spoke with the consultant Ive been dealing with on Friday and she thinks I will find out Monday Oct. 1st if my application was approved or denied!

This is such a hard waiting process!

I dont know what I should do save money or buy the things needed (As mentioned in a past posting)

So if I get approved I will be very excited and will jump for joy!

If I get denied I will be so upset and sad but I do have a Plan B to fall back on!

At this time I still do not have a job lined up but have put in many applications online & sent out my resume!

The apartment situation is literally out of my hands as of right now and whatever the decision is I am just truly blessed and hope for the best!!

Also starting Oct. 1st I will be attempting my first ever series 31 Days To A Fresh Start

My plate is very full..........Wish Me Luck!!

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