Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Life...Right Now

This is how I feel.......

I am finding so many cute things that I want to buy for my new apartment....hopefully!! But I just can't afford to spend the money right now!!

Why is it that everything goes on sale when you are broke???

I feel like this always happens to me!!

So I have sent an application to an apartment complex in Louisville, KY and am just waiting to hear back from them weather Im approved or not!

Waiting is the most frustrating part!!

If I get approved I want to buy a couple big purchases so I will have everything I need but if I get denied I dont have room to store the things I buy so here I am.......waiting......waiting....waiting

Ugh Its killing me!!!

So right now in "real time" I am just going day by day without a real plan for whats going on.

Anxiety is definitely kicking in!!!

I am moving to Louisville in 39 Days!!!

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