Monday, September 3, 2012

Picky Toddler Part 2

So I have been very happy lately because my Picky Toddler has been eating!!




These are only a few things but BIG for her!! She never eats anything green!!

The turkey I was suprised and the cheeseburger even more suprised!! Im thinking.....she eats the same thing over and over then she gets sick of it and so she stops eating it so I buy her something else then she EATS IT!!!

Im super excited because she now has a good variety of food lol

There is just one problem now.....

Last Sunday Alyssa ate 2 small pieces of Broccoli and she actually liked it I was so suprised because like I said she never eats anything let alone greens!! Well on her 3rd bite she just chewed it up but held it in her mouth!!

I kept telling her "just swallow it Alyssa" but she held it in her mouth for 30min.

Im not even kidding we finished up our meals...drove home and then when we finally got home I had to force her to spit it out!!

What is with that!!

She has also done that 2-3 other times with apples....carrots....and chicken!!!

I get so mad when she does this because its soo annoying why would you take a bite of something only to hold it in your mouth!?! She wont spit it out we have to force her to either swallow it by giving her other things to eat or giving her a drink or just wait and force her to spit it out into a napkin!!

If she is full she shouldn't take a bite!! She has only started doing this here recently and its been going on for about 1 week and already Im sick of it!!

Last night she was falling asleep with a piece of apple in her mouth!! Now thats just dangerous!!

I wish I could read her mind sometimes I just dont get it Why Hold It In Your Mouth?????

Swallow it or spit it out its as simple as that!!!

Anybody else have/had this problem with their Picky Toddlers???


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