Monday, September 3, 2012

Terrible 2s if the eating issues were not enough my child is out of control!!!

She has known the word No for a very long time but now all of a sudden has decided to use it for everything!!

Alyssa are you hungry??     NO!
Alyssa do you want to go outside??     NO!
Alyssa come here......NO!
Alyssa do you want a bite of my yogurt?     NO!

Ugh......who invented that word anyway!!!

Like raising children is not hard enough!

The funny thing is Alyssa will say NO but then she will act as if she has said YES

Alyssa are you hungry????   NO!

But I reach my hand out with food in it and she grabs it and eats it! She says YES to somethings so why not just say YES!?!

She is such a stubborn little 2 year old!!

She has also started the tantrums!!!         YaY Me!!!       : (

She will take a toy away from my cousin Bobby and I will say Alyssa No No you need to share and I will take the toy from her and give it back to Bobby and she throws herself on the floor and cries!!

One question.......

What is the point of this???? 

Really Alyssa because you dont have 100+ other toys to play with???

This one special wooden car means that much to you???

I honestly feel like these Tantrums along with her CrAzY Eating Habits are going to be the death of me!!!

Please tell me this is somewhat normal???


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