Sunday, December 9, 2012

~Our Christmas Tree~

I really wanted this Christmas to be special since we have been going through so much "change" here recently with a fresh start and everything I wanted to try to do something a little different this year!!

While Pinsurfing I found this.....

I just fell in love with this tree!!! I thought it was simple and cute looked very fun and cheap it was perfect especially since Alyssa still likes to get into things I thought it would be a great tree because really it leaves the entire floor open she cant really hurt anything! is what I made....dont laugh..please!

Mine is a lot different because come to find out it was not that simple or cheap to make that tree so kudos to whoever made it!! I thought I was going to loose my mind just trying to make this one!

It is not perfect by any means but it is mine and I have actually grown to LOVE it!!

It still leaves the floor completely open and actually Alyssa loves it too!

Total cost was about $30 bucks which isnt bad.

I probably would've spent $30 bucks on a tree alone then I would've had to buy everything else!

So for our first Christmas Tree out on our own I would say this one fits in perfectly!!!    :)

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