Sunday, December 2, 2012

Potty Training......Ugh!

I dont think Im the only mother in the world that feels like this about potty training....but if I am then Lord save me now because its about to be one heck a month for me!!

I feel like I am struggling so bad with this! I am soooo happy when Alyssa actually pees in the potty and she has even pooped in the potty but then when she messes herself I get so frustrated.

How can she go potty on the potty all day for a couple days then just stand there and pee all over herself?

I dont get it....I know I know be patient!!!

Well to be quite honest here.......I dont know what God was thinking allowing me to have a child because I feel as if I am the least patient person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

I started potty training when she was 18mths. but she just didnt understand so then I stopped for a while then when she turned 2yrs. I started up again but she did not show any interest in it. So I stopped and maybe 1 or 2 months later started up again and with great success!!!!

But.....ever since I moved here she has went back to showing no interest! Some of my friends are saying its probably because of all the "change"

Well its been a month! Diapers are expensive!!!

I need help!!!      Please   :)

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