Saturday, December 8, 2012

Working Mother

I am having some trouble balancing out my life right now.....a full time working mother of 1.

I have a hard time thinking about how other parents of 2,3 or even 4 children handle everything!

If I work during the day I only get to spend about 4.5hrs with Alyssa before she goes to bed and if I work at night I only get to spend 3-4hrs with her before she takes her nap.

Sometimes when I say "Mommy has to go get ready for work" Alyssa starts being extremely whiny and says "Lyssa get ready for work too?"

It breaks my heart! I just feel as if I dont get to spend as much time with her as I want to!!

But then again......when I am spending time with her trying to potty train gets frustrating then her picky eating habits gets frustrating!

Sometimes I feel as if I dont get to spend a lot of time with her but the time I am spending with her Im constantly raising my voice or putting her in time out!

How is it that most nights I am going to bed so frustrated and feeling as if I am close to being worlds worst mom!!!

I just dont understand!    Potty training is just getting harder and harder it seems! She goes really awesome for 2 days then has an accident at church or at my sisters house! She even just gets playing with her dolls at home and has an accident!

My mom says that it happens sometimes because they get so distracted with what they are doing that they forget they are wearing underwear. Which when you stop to think about it....Alyssa has been wearing a diaper for over 2 years it is pretty hard to get her use to going to the bathroom like a big girl!

But of course in the midst of cleaning pee off my floor I dont take the time to think about this. I do not have the patience for potty training!! :(

I told you guys........~Worlds Worst Mom Award~

So mothers of 2, 3 even 4 please tell me your secret!!! How do you do it?? Potty Training?? Organization?? Spending precious time with your child/children??

The biggest one Just being a MOM!?!

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