Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lazy Day!

I had the pleasure of having the day off yesterday and it was freezing outside!! So Alyssa & I camped out inside all day!! It was awesome!

I didnt shower and to be quite honest I stayed in my Pjs all day long!

An NO I dont feel guilty about it!! :)

I did so much laundry that I actually ran out of Laundry Detergent and I did the majority of my dishes!

I did some work from home and most of all I spent precious time with my little miss!

We watch Gnomeo & Juliet which seems to be her absolute favorite these days! We also watched Strawberry Shortcake & some show called  Hermie & Friends!!

Also which is a BIG accomplishment for Alyssa she wore panties ALL day!! She did not have not one single accident! Even better.....

She went to her "potty" and used it when she needed too!! I didnt have to watch over her and make sure we tried to go on schedule she just walked over there..pulled down her panties and used the potty like a BIG GIRL!!

Ohh man I just love lazy days with my little miss!

I feel like for such a freezing cold day staying home was so much more productive for us!

I just cant wait until our next lazy day!!!


  1. I am sometimes in my PJ's until way into the afternoon....BUT I'm always busy doing stuff. It's just if I have no where to be outside the house and no one is expected to come over why bother getting out of my pajamas? Plus clothes are starting to become quite uncomfortable!

    Mondays are actually turning into an all-day-pajama-day for me though. lol It's pretty great.

  2. lol Jess I feel the same way!! Why waste a good outfit on staying inside? I think everybody should have an ALL-Day Pajama Day! That sounds great!!