Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trying To Find Where I Fit In

I have been going to the same church as my sister and brother in law since Ive moved here about 2 months ago!

It has been fine its a smaller church than where I came from but it works. I love the people there they are very sweet and kind hearted! Its just that its very small and I feel like I dont fit in there.

I think Im just looking for something more than they can give Alyssa & I.

I came from a bigger church that was involved in the community and provided different services and activities.

To go from that to a small church is just a hard adjustment.

I would like to find a nice medium sized church that has activities for children and small groups that I can be apart of I would like to have the chance to someday go on a Mission Trip.

I just want a nice church that Alyssa & I can grow in to and really be apart of.

Choosing a church has been the hardest thing Ive done since I decided to move 200 miles away from everything I know.

I only know my sister and brother in law so to venture away from that is scary!

To walk into an unknown church with no knowledge of what to do or where to go is extremely scary!

There are so many different types of churches its very hard to try and pick and choose.

Its like when you are driving down a road and all the houses look the same you cant tell them apart. Thats how I feel you cant really tell the difference until you actually go inside.

So from this weekend on Alyssa & I will be going inside these identical churches and trying to find one where we will fit in!

Please send prayers our way as we are looking for our new  church family!

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