Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why I Love You!!

I never saw myself as a mother. In fact I didnt even want children! But now that I have you Little Miss I just cant even imagine my life without you!

I cant even explain it really....you are the most frustrating yet loving miracle I have ever experienced!

I can be in the worst mood possible and when you look at me with those Big Blue Eyes and smile at me with your "Grinch" smile I just cant help but laugh! You are just Too Darn Cute!!

I am honestly in love with you Little Miss!!

Even when you make me upset I still care...I still Love You!

So Im pretty sure that everybody that reads this blog knows that Ashley Wells is my sister...if not then you do now ;)

Anywhos....My sister is doing the hardest possible job in my mind...fostering!!

I could not even imagine fostering children I would like to someday when I know that I have the strength but right now I couldn't imagine it! My sister and I always talk about the "unknown" not knowing how something is going to turn out! We agree that the unknown is the hardest part in all of this.

Loving your children and caring for them 100% and still not knowing weather they are going to be yours forever or just yours for right now!

I feel like I have the best gift of all because I have you!! I know that you are mine forever!

But I too have certain situations in my life where the unknown causes me some discomfort but then I look at our life and see how truly blessed I am to have you in my life and to have such amazing friends & family!!

Together We will figure it out! We will get throught this! We will be there for each other!

This is why I love you!

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