Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Need A Divider or Something!!

So I have been sharing a bedroom with Alyssa since she was born...literally!

Was it not bad enough that I shared my body for 9 whole months but for the past 2 1/2 years she has been in my bedroom. I literally dont even have one place in my apartment thats for me!

But until I either get promoted...get a raise or just get a new amazing job this is what life will be like.

I live in a little one bedroom apartment which is actually perfect for Alyssa & I but I just feel so crowded!

My sister Ashley sent me this link to somebodies blog talking about all the ways top spice up your bedroom so that you actually have you space! Its written by somebody that also shared a bedroom with there child.

Im just wondering if any of you guys have any D.I.Y. suggestions or ideas?

Something that would be realistic for me both in space and price!

I just feel so overtaken by all of her things!

Which then reminds me of a question......

If I am planning on having more children in the future is it okay that I hoard all of Alyssas clothes or should I just give away...donate or sell them and start from scratch when I have another baby?

Realistically I would think keep them because then I wouldnt have to spend money on that much stuff but like I said I live in a little one bedroom apartment and hoenstly I have had to put things in my sisters garage because I just dont have any space!

I need help! I need some organizing help!!

Ideas??? Suggestions??

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