Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning Has ARRIVED!!!

So lets just be honest here I am a hard working single mother there is no way my house will be perfectly cleaned and organized on a daily basis.

Actually ever since I got sick my house has been so disgusting........I don't even want to go home!

BUT.......all of that has changed due to me having a wonderful sister Ashley!!

She has put a stop to my laziness!

Her and the two little babies that she has came over to my house and we cleaned house!

An I mean we..... CLEANED HOUSE!!

After we got done cleaning I barely even recognized the place!!

I feel so rejuvenated and organized!!

Now pray and hope I can actually keep it that way!

I have a bad habit were I open mail and just throw it on my desk or change Alyssa's clothes and just throw them on the floor.

I'm not a messy person I'm just a little disorganized!!

So I am making myself a monthly goal to keep my house in order!!

Who's with me ladies!!?!!

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