Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Exciting News!!

If you guys have been listening to me & Ashleys podcast it talks about wanting to enroll our kids into school and all the different types of schools there are. Well we found an awesome school but unfortunately Alyssa wasnt able to go so we had decided on Ashley homeschooling Alyssa until possibly next year or even kindergarten.

After that I was honestly just so sad and discouraged.

I feel like since Alyssas dad is not in the picture I want to make sure that she has everything she needs to be smart and successful in life and there are many times that I feel that Im not giving her what she would have if she had two parents! I feel as if I fail her many many times!!

I dont ever want to fail my daughter I am all she has (parent wise) I want to be able to give her the world if thats what she wants!

So the thought of Ashley homeschooling to me was okay but I just really wanted Alyssa to go to school. I hear many horrible things about public schooling but then I look back and think you know I went to public schools Ashley went to public schools they are not super horrible!! We both turned out fine!

Private schools are nicer but then again I cant really afford for Alyssa to go to a private school! So I have to look at what Im capable of doing for her right now!

So I called the nearest elementary school and inquired about there -Head Start Program- (3 year old preschool) they gave me a number to call that then gave me another number to call that had me write down all the information and paperwork I would need to go through the application process! So I decided this...

I will do all I can to enroll her in a public head start program and if it doesnt work out then it doesnt work out but atleast I can say that I tried!

At the end of summer if my sister ends up homeschooling Alyssa that is fine as long as I can say that I did everything I could to get her into a public head start program.

Have you ever had trouble enrolling your children into school? Do you have secondary options incase your primary option doesnt work out? Do you have any advice on first time moms to preschoolers??

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