Saturday, March 9, 2013

It Takes A Village!!

This post is based on two of Ashley and I's podcasts!! If you have not listened to them before you can listen to them from our links below!!

Well our podcast on February 27, 2013 "It Takes A Village" was us talking about "Communal Living"...two families coming together and living in the same houeshold...Whats your take on that?? Do you think it would be something your family could do?

Well for me and my sister it just seems like thats what we should be doing!! I mean Im over at there house everyday anyway why not just move on in!!!

Honestly it would make both of our lives easier right now....Ashley babysits Alyssa while Im at work which is 5 days a week anyway and we do pretty much everything together so even on my days off Im over at there house hanging out watching our hot new tv show Scandal or eating cookies and just chatting away on the sofa!!

It just makes since for us to move in witheach other and be one big happy family!!

So our podcast that we did March 6, 2013 "The New Chateau" was all about us moving in together!!!

We found the perfect house, in a perfect neighborhood and closer to not only my work but Michaels too!!

It just seems so fit for our families!!

The awesome part was that we had talked about this idea for awhile and started looking for houses but then stopped and then when we were not looking a realtor emailed Ashley about this house and she emailed back and forth for a couples day before touring it and then filling out the application!

When something this great just falls in your lap you cant turn away obviously it was meant to be!!

Just another example on how our awesome God provides for us!!

Ehhhhhhh Im just super excited!!

Although we will have to make some sacrifices it will be a lot better for Alyssa & I plus our future will be a lot better off because of this smart move!!!

What are your thoughts? Are you as siked as we are about this??? Do you have any advice for communal living?

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