Monday, March 4, 2013

My Weekly Goals

So as you may know I have a weekly podcast with my sister Ashley

(you can listen along on Itunes..My Sidebar...or our Blog)

Every week during our podcast we do a "Goal" that we have set for ourselves.

This week mine was to do better for my Blog. I love blogging its just that sometimes I dont know what to write about.  (If you have any ideas please let me know!)

My life is boring and gets old very quickly!

All I do is work...spend time with Alyssa...and hang out with family

I work a lot especially here recently my supervisor is out on leave for personal reasons. But in the midst of all of that my coworkers have requested time off so we are pretty short staffed right now.

This week for example Im working a 10hr shift!! Then just a couple days later Im working a 9.5hr shift!

I am scheduled for overtime and we who work all know that just doesnt happen!!

This past week has just been craziness!

But I am really going to try to bring some nice interesting posts to the table this week!

Yay! For weekly goals!! ;)

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