Friday, March 8, 2013


So I filed my taxes I think a couple weeks ago. An as sad as this is to say they were pretty much already gone before I even got them!

I have a student loan that I really need to pay off!!

I know that I am bettering my financial state and mine & Alyssa future but I feel so poor!

Im not super poor but for the past two years I have took my income taxes and paid things off which is saying something about me!!

I use to be awesome with my money I use to save save save but then I started...... spending spending spending!!

I think everybody goes through that stage...hopefully!!

Well I had I think two credit cards that I paid off completely last year and then some medical bills that I had!

So it wasnt all bad debt from credit cards and my bad money managing!

So last year I paid off about 80% of my debt (which is awesome!!)  I then started paying on my student loan and sadly my income taxes this year still will not pay it off completely but it will get it down very low so that it is more managable monthly!

Which is super good!!!

But I cant wait for next year when I really wont have any bad debt to pay off hopefully I will be debt free before Feb. 2014!! Thats my goal!!

My entire yearly Goal was to become debt free which in all reality has been my goal for about 3 years lol

We all do stupid things when we are young....right??? Now its time for me to own up to my mistakes and to fix it and get my life back!!

Are you in the same boat??   Do you have any advice for me to help manage my spending??

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