Monday, April 22, 2013

Dont just give it, live it-Red Oak Road

I have recently found this blog "Red Oak Road"

I love reading her blog posts!!

I find them very refreshing and very encouraging! I recently read her "Dont Just Give It, Live It" post about hostility in this world and it really makes me feel so guilty!

I am not a hostile person but maybe the things I post on my blog or twitter or facebook make people feel saddened or upset or even hurt!

Some people do this without even thinking about it they just post about there feelings about a certain subject that may hurt somebody elses feelings!It is not that we try to hurt peoples feelings its just that we do!

I feel very guilty about this!

I may have hurt people and may not even know about it! I dont want to cause any drama in my life or yours!

Have you ever done something that you didnt think was a big deal but it ended up being a big deal?

Have you ever hurt somebodies feelings without not even realizing or knowing it?

Please take a moment and read this blog post and please feel free to leave me comments of what you think!!

I would love to hear what you have to say!!

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