Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Garden

So I really want a garden!! I think that it is a very smart choice for people these days to have a gadren and grow there own fruits and veggies! It is much healthy than what we purchase int he stores.

So I decided to make one!!

Please excuse the fence it needs a little help! :)

So because Im a genius I thought that I would be able to make my garden with a shovel and I was WAY wrong about that!!

My hands hurt for an entire day!! Too Much Work!!

So my brother in law suggested I get a Tiller (may be spelled wrong...sorry) so I did and that thing was a beast!!

I felt things jiggle that have no business jiggling!!!

If I knew more people in Louisville I would have been mortified if they had seen me!!

So...after many switches between Ashley & I we finally got it done!!!

I have some green veggies a growing!!

Broccoli, Green beans, Asparagus, Spinach and some Lettuce!!

I didnt have time to plant all the veggies I got because it started raining but I got half of them done!

I think I got way over my head with this Garden thing because it is hard work!!

Hats off to you farmers!!!

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