Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Minute Friday Is Back!!!

Im teaming up with TheGypsyMama & my sister Ashley at FosteringLoveAtHome for 5 Minute Fridays!

Here we go.....Imagine

Im standing at the front desk at work and all I keep thinking about is what I need to do to finish my weekly goals that I set for myself on Monday!

I really need to make a new budget and actually stick to it! That is really my problem I make these budgets then I drive past Chick-fil-a or Starbucks and I just want to swing by and buy an Iced Chai or a Chicken Sandwich!

I guess I have a bad case of money spending! I could just try and make my own things to take to work or for an afternoon snack! I just have no motivation to do things like that!

Imagine if I made a new budget and actually stuck to it how much money I would save!!
Imagine if I could cook awesome delicious meals to pack for work how much money that would save me and how much more healthy that would be for me!

Plus I could really never make a sandwich as good as Chick-fil-a    LOL!

I have been doing really good with my laundry goals! I did a whole bunch of laundry on Wednesday but then failed to do laundry yesterday or today. So then I tried to justify well I did so much on Wednesday that it kinda equals out right.....but in all reality thats why I made my goals to get ahead of the game!

Imagine if I was caught up on laundry and only had to do a couple loads a week!! That would save me time probably laundry soap and some money on a water bill!
I just have to kick my butt into gear and just finish my goals, I have to crack down now or else summer will be a disaster!!!

I cant even imagine how my life would be if I actually accomplsihed the goals I set!!

What goals do you set for yourself? What plans do you ahve for the sunmmer?

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