Tuesday, May 21, 2013

**My Stitch Fix**

I was complaining to my sister about how Alyssa has better style than I do, then she told me about a website called "Stitch Fix"    Have you heard of it?

Its a website where you submit information about your style in clothes and fashion and then a stylist puts together 5 items and mails them to your house! You try everything on, then decide if you want to buy any of the clothing. If you decide not to buy anything, then you just put them in a prepaid USPS envelope and ship them back.
Once your all done playing dress up, you go online and fill out a survey about what you did or didnt like, so that way when your next Fix comes they will put together more things that you like!

I love this...because I dont have a lot of time to go shopping and most of the time I go shopping I dont even really know what I am looking for.

This is also great for stay at home moms with multiple children that can't really get out of the house that often.

Its genius and I love it!!

So with that being said.......I got my first shipment yesterday.....here are the items I got in my Fix....Enjoy!

Please dont mind my hair I was feeling very lazy this morning lol

I love this look and the sweater was super soft but its way too hott for something like this right now!

I love this dress!! Super cute and perfect for this summer!!

This is a cute top..sleveless..business casual could look really cute under a blazer. Its just not what Im looking for!

Super cute cardigan very light weight awesome salmon color..I just love this sweater!
But reality speaking...its like in the 70s all week when would I really wear this??

This top was very unique! Extremely light weight..pretty much see through. It would look great with some color underneath. I love the back how its kinda rippled across the top!
But it was just a little tight around my upper arm.....hey what can I say I have a fat upper arm!

So out of all 5 items what did I buy???

I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress!!!

Unfortunately this is the only item that I bought out of my Fix but hopefully the next one will be filled with more summer items!!

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix please use the referral link below!!

Until next time.....Have a good day!!

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