Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alyssa's New Eating Chart Week #1

Now I'm not sure if having this eating chart is a positive or negative for our family but its a good way to keep track of all of Alyssa's poor eating habits!! 

So here's the deal....

Alyssa is an extremely picky eater and honestly I have no idea where she gets it from both her dad and I eat anything and everything!!!

Since she turned 1 year old she has never ate mashed potatoes! What toddler does not like mashed potatoes??

Even Macaroni and Cheese is a hit and miss in our house!! 

I honestly don't remember Alyssa eating any type of red meat EVER!!

Even Chicken is iffy!! 

I'm telling you she is the most frustrating eater I have ever known!!

So here is what it looks like.....
Smiley Face- Alyssa ate all of her food that was given
Straight Face- Alyssa didnt eat all of it but some of it
Sad Face- Alyssa did not eat any of her food

Day # 1

Breakfast is her best meal! Lunch is where it all goes down hill! Dinner is a battle!

Day # 3

You can see here that really every morning is pretty awesome!!

Day # 5

Here we are getting a little better on Wednesday Alyssa had all 3 Smiley faces which means she ate all of her food for all 3 meals!! So I gave her a special prize!!

Week #1- Complete

How awesome Alyssa had all 3 Smiley faces on Thursday too!! 
Maybe this chart is helping her!!

So to sum up Week # 1 of our Eating Chart....Alyssa ate all of her food 2 out of 7 days!!

Do you have issues with your toddlers eating habits?? What do you do to help them??

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