Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Day At Deam Lake

Living in Ohio we had a couple different places where we could go for water fun.

Honestly it was almost therapeutic to me!

When I had a tough week it was just the best feeling in the world to just relax on the grass or sand and soak up the sun for hours!

It usually resulted in me getting sun burnt but ohh was it worth it!!

Well since moving to Louisville I have had the hardest time finding a place to go swimming and soak up the sun. Louisville is not really surrounded by water they have a lot of Spray grounds for children but nothing really made for the adults!

Until now….. my awesome sister Ashley found us a nice little lake to go to!!

It is in Indiana but honestly it’s not too far about 30 minutes from our house!

But it is so worth it!!

I have found my paradise!!!

Here are a couple pictures that I took from our last visit!

So what do you all think?!? Did I find my paradise or what!!!

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