Friday, August 9, 2013

**Stitch Fix # 3**

I am soo excited to share these pictures with you all!!

Each time I get a fix I fall more and more in love with Stitch Fix!!

If you haven't tried it you should at least once......

So here we go people my 3rd Stitch Fix!

Option #1
I am in LOVE with this shirt! The colors the style the fit everything is perfect!!

Option #2
I love this dress!! I have been wearing dresses all summer! 

The fit is great the color and style are definitely super cute and perfect for the summer!

Option #3
I will have to say that these types of shirts are just not my style! I have seen them on other people and lived them but for me....I think I will pass!

Option #4
I absolutely love this blazer!! The fit and style are perfect! Sadly it was a bit too snug for my comfort but super cute none the less!!

Option #5
I got a super cute striped skirt but it did not fit at all! I wish it would've fit because it was cheap and adorable but Stitch Fix already gave me enough super cute clothes to choose from!!

So what do you all think???

If any of you are interested in trying Stitch Fix please use the referral link below...

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