Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days To The New Me

Here we go again!!!!
This time last year I was going through some changes. I was packing up all of Alyssa & I's belongings and making a big leap of faith, right down here to Louisville, KY. 
I will be joining my sister Ashley & The Nester in this 31 Days Challenge!

This year I am stepping out of my comfort zone and battling an issue that I have had for the past 3 weight!

My 31 Day Challenge is......

31 Days To The New Me

I am feeling strong, motivated and encouraged!!

This year I am tracking my exercise and work out routines, my diet plans, as well as pictures of my progress (don't worry all of my pictures will be fully clothed ).
There also might be a couple pop up posts about what keeps me motivated and how I am feeling about everything!
I will also be posting my favorite music and Pandora Stations to listen to while working out!

Starting Oct. 1st I will be blogging everyday taking these steps to a better and healthier lifestyle. Then as it concludes on Oct. 31, I will then be ready and willing to start on a new journey in fitness! 
Hey maybe I will even run a 5k or something!!

Please join me in my........31 Days To The New Me!!

Day 1- About ME
Day 10- Busy Body
Day 15- I'm A......
Day 16- Week 3
Day 18- Zumba
Day 19- I'm Soo Sore
Day 28- Week 5

I appreciate all of you checking out my blog and keeping up with my posts! 
Definitely makes a girl feel special! I did write a It's Over post so please check it out and continue to stop by my blog when you can! Thank you for a great October!!


  1. FABULOUS! I am looking forward to your journey through the next 31 days... AND BEYOND! So glad to have found you through this challenge!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Maybe we can encourage each other through this journey!