Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alyssa's Eating Chart Week #6

Okay everybody, so a summary of the past six weeks has been challenging and frustrating.

Going back to week one...

"Alyssa is an extremely picky eater and honestly I have no idea where she gets it from both her dad and I eat anything and everything!!! Since she turned 1 year old she has never ate mashed potatoes!What toddler does not like mashed potatoes??Even Macaroni and Cheese is a hit and miss in our house!! I honestly don't remember Alyssa eating any type of red meat EVER!!
Even Chicken is iffy!! 
I'm telling you she is the most frustrating eater I have ever known!!

So here is what it looks like.....
Smiley Face- Alyssa ate all of her food that was given
Straight Face- Alyssa didnt eat all of it but some of it
Sad Face- Alyssa did not eat any of her food"

I came up with this eating chart to keep track of her eating habits in hope that it would help me see where her strengths were. I thought that maybe it would give me more of an idea of what she likes to eat or at least what she would eat. I am not sure that this eating chart is helping her but at the same time I don't think it is hurting her either. 

Well here is week #6

I have been researching picky toddlers and the different type of diet and foods that they try. I have gathered some hings from Pinterest that I am thinking about using that hopefully will help her more.

My sister and I came up with a couple ideas......

1. Drinking juice plump full of vitamins like a V8 for Breakfast! 
-I really want her to start her mornings off on the right foot and maybe adding a little bit more vitamins and nutrients will help.
2. Instead of expecting her to eat 3 meals a day I am now downing that to 2
-Now before you guys get crazy let me explain....She does not eat good for Lunch or Dinner so I thought maybe giving her a smoothie for lunch would give you an extra boost of fruits and veggies and would keep her satisfied until dinner in hopes that she would be a little more hungry and be willing to eat better for dinner. That kinda sounds a little crazy now that I am typing...so there may be a few changes with that one!
3. Stop pressuring her into eating. 
-The doctors have told me since Day 1 she will eat when she is hungry. So that is what I am now doing...I am going to let her eat when she is hungry and I am not going to pressure her.

With all of this being said I am now closing this chapter in my life there will be no more "Alyssa's Eating....." posts from me. I will probably touch base with it a couple times but it won't be full dedication like it has been. 

How do you think I handled this whole picky eating thing? 
What would you have done differently?
What advice do you have for me moving forward?

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