Sunday, September 22, 2013

Exciting News!!!

I have decided to join in on a 31 day blogging series. This October will be my second attempt!! 
Give me grace!!
I find it very hard to blog on a regular basis due to the fact that most days I'm not even sure where to begin.
How are people able to devote that much time to there blog? What do people even write about?
Those are the questions that I say to myself. I have to remember a lot of big time bloggers do this for a living.
I definitely can not even measure up to them...maybe someday!
So, for me this 31 days series is about devoting time into my blog and trying to both make my blog more relate-able and more popular! 
I would like to get comments on my blog and get a good steady audience reading my blog. 
I do really enjoy blogging it's just a lot of work. 
So this October I will be disciplining is a sneak peek of my 31 days series!

I have been talking about working out with a couple of my friends for weeks now and finally I decided the only way to do is by myself and for myself! I can not just sit around and wait on others to do it with me! I need to do it for myself! 
I actually have started running a little here and there and have been doing pretty good but my main problem is I lack motivation and accountability!
This is pretty much perfect because in order for me to succeed at my 31 Day goal I will need to be discipline and actually put forth all of the effort! 
I am going to track all of my exercise and work out routines, my diet plans, as well as pictures of my progress (don't worry all of  my pictures will be fully clothed).
There also might be a couple pop up posts about what keeps me motivated and how I am feeling about everything!
I will also be posting my favorite music and Pandora Stations to listen to while working out!

My goal for this challenge is to gain self discipline, tone up my body, get healthy and most importantly have FUN DOING IT!!!

So stay tuned people this is going to be quite the adventure!!

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