Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Dropped the Ball

So I kinda dropped the ball on Alyssa's eating chart for Week 5.

Honestly, I forgot to do it....many times! 

I had some days done, but some days were only partially done and while trying to fill in the blanks I could not even remember what we ate or how much Alyssa ate. 

This chart is good when you do it everyday if you don't do it everyday it becomes a bit tedious!

So I have decided to take this week off I will return with Week 6!

Sorry I feel as if I am somewhat inconsistent with my posts! 


Also look out because I have another Stitch Fix scheduled for mid September! 
That will be fun!

I'm already looking forward to it!!

In the mean time.....

Are you looking forward to anything happening this month?? 

How are you adjusting to the new school year??

Do you have any pointers on staying consistent in your blogging?

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