Tuesday, September 24, 2013

**Stitch Fix # 4**

Here we go Stitch Fix #4 and I have to say I am just loving it more and more every Fix I get!

Exciting news I have also turned one of my friends on to Stitch Fix so now its extra special because we can try on our clothes together which makes it even more fun!

Usually when I get my Fix my sister & I sing in unison "FASHION SHOW"

Now we can all 3 sing with joy!

It is awesome to be able to do this but even more awesome to be able to do it with friends!

I will recommend this to everybody......you have to try it at least once!!!

Please feel free to use the link below if you are interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself!


Now lets get started!!!

Option #1
This dress was so pretty! I love the cut and the style but unfortunately it did not fit very well!
I wish it would have fit because I loved it!

Option #2
This infinity scarf is so adorable! The fabric is very light weight and super scarf! 
I am in love with it!!

Option #3
This sweater is a beautiful bright purple and I love it!! It is also very light weight!
I love it more with a belt but would probably wear it both ways!

Option #4
This shirt was awesome!! I love everything about it but......it was a bit snug!!

Option #5
This cut and style is gorgeous! I am loving the stripes!!
It felt really good on, but as I'm looking at this picture I am just not sure if I like it!!

So....what do you all think? What would you guys keep??

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